More than a service, A partnership

Since 1896, we have been meeting the needs of a wide range of industries, providing fully engineered, custom-designed systems. Industries such as plastics, textiles, mining, glass manufacturing, food processing and milling.

We have built a reputation as a leader in our field. And with proven experience, technical knowledge, and innovation, we continue to adapt the best-suited equipment to efficient, smartly designed systems. Since we are not representing any one manufacturer's line, equipment selection is solely based upon performance criteria, design parameters and client budgeting.

A professional commitment to excellence extends to every phase of our business. From engineering and design to service and maintenance. We continually strive to be the best. We have to be. Because we're a local company serving local businesses. And long-term customer satisfaction is key to our continued success.

"One of our most outstanding features of working with you and your company is the outstanding service that is given both on new installations as well as repair and maintenance."

Engineering Manager,
Armstrong World Industries