Dust and Air Pollution Control Systems

Dust and Air Pollution Control SystemsBanister can design, fabricate, and erect entire dust and air pollution control systems for any type of environment. Our expertise in industrial ventilation allows us to provide systems installation for all types of dust control applications. This guarantees maximum benefits in control, conveyance, filtration, hood design, pipe sizing, and air return.

From saw and stone dust to more toxic debris, such as beryllium and cadmium fumes, we understand the characteristics of each material and can design the right system for the job.

Upon request, we will handle all submittals needed to obtain Department of Environmental Protection approvals.

"Imperial Schrade Corp. has been using the services of A.W. Banister Co. for our air handling needs for over fifteen years with full satisfaction. We have various size systems, which required careful analysis and design to give the correct exhausting at each workstation. Every new air system A.W. Banister engineered gave us the performance we needed."

General Manager,
Imperial Schrade Corp.