A Single Resource for Many Reasons

At Banister, we create systems that meet your most exacting demands. With over 60 years of combined in-house experience in system design and engineering, our staff stands ready to fulfill your requirements from concept through start-up. Most of all, we recommend and select equipment that promises optimal performance for your system - and your budget.

We service our clients on the basis of varying contractual arrangements.

Bid Process

The key to the competitive bid process and the procurement of value is the uncovering of hidden costs and the balancing of job specifications. Detailed evaluation of bids allow you to decide where you wish to spend money and on what perceived value. We detail each section of the project in order to assist you in your evaluation process. In short, we deliver the full picture, so you can make an informed decision.

Specifications and Drawings

Banister can produce complete detailed design drawings and written specifications for your system. These documents provide a multitude of benefits.

Not only is the scope of work and contractual obligations detailed for the contractors, but for the buyer as well. With all the hidden costs uncovered, each quotation represents the same value; consequently the bidding process becomes more meaningful.


Tools of the tradeThe design/build approach lets you draw on our proven engineering, construction management, and start-up capabilities. We work directly with you and/or your in-house engineering staff to develop concept, budgeting, and pricing. We become your single resource for one phase or all phases of the project. Good design and project management coupled with detailed price analysis produces a system installation that is guaranteed to be installed on time and within budget.

"One of our most outstanding features of working with you and your company is the outstanding service that is given both on new installations as well as repair and maintenance."

Engineering Manager,
Armstrong World Industries