Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying SystemsOur expertise in the air-handling field has evolved over the past 90 years. We have produced an array of pneumatic conveying solutions for a multitude of industrial environments. We have designed single point-to-point conveyance systems as well as more complex multi-point delivery systems that incorporate integral weighing, conditioned air conveyance and computer integrated operation.

Banister Systems can design basic and/or complex systems to accommodate a spectrum of capacities. We integrate quality design and components, with custom fabrication and installation. Each is self enclosed to prevent waste and pollution and is automated to suit your plant's needs. Whatever the application, we can create the right system that provides the maximum results with the minimum of expense.

"The performance of your company on this project was typical of previous projects that have spanned over thirty years. Such a relationship is not heard of these days. It is a powerful testimony to A.W. Banister's commitment of excellence to its customers. My personal opinion of why Nabisco continues to do business exclusively with A.W. Banister Co., in the areas of Material Handling and Dust Control Systems, is due to the proven engineering, construction quality, and continued technical support after a project start up."

Manager of Engineering,
Nabisco Brands Inc.